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Dressmaking course
Learn how to use a sewing machine before learning dressmaking. For dressmaking, you will learn how to read a pattern including symbols and instructions with understanding sewing terminology.
Learn how to insert zips, pockets, cuffs, waistbands, darts and much more. Lessons will also include learning to use different fabrics and interfacing

10 week course - £158


Duration: 2.5 hrs / Session


Mon, Tue, Wed,  10.30-12noon. Tues and Thurs 6.30-9pm and all day Saturday

Level: Complete Beginners

This is an intensive workshop suitable for all levels with sewing machine knowledge.

The dreaded zips - Learn an easy way to insert a zip. This will ease you into the next two types of zip insertion: a lapped zip and an invisible zip, which can be quite tricky but well worth learning.

Cost of Course:


£40 including materials


Duration: 3 hrs / Session


Mon / Tues / Saturdays


Level: Basic Sewing Machine skills

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