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Monthly Mindful Mondays - 1pm - 3pm

Monthly Mindful Mondays - 1pm - 3pm


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Why create this workshop? An escape from the daily stresses of life. I found an amazing way to help me relax, I can spend hours just doodling.

Come and get away for a couple of hours.

No stress, no sewing machines and no worries at this moment in time. 


The goal of Mindful Doodling is to fully engage with your doodles in a meditative way. It requires slowing down, focusing on the paper and pen and doodling repeatively with full intent. Thus, you become present in the moment.

You don't need to be creative or an artist, you just need to relax with pen and paper, I will show you how. you do not have to think about anything.

It is amazing how pen and paper can clear your mind.


You will be using fine tip pens, markers, felt tips and watercolours with watercolour paper. Each month will be different, but relaxing and mindful. Give it a go. I promise that you will not want to stop. X

And if you are a sewer, maybe you can turn this into free motion doodling.


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